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At AMH, we create artistic value by fusing art and design to complement bespoke concept spaces that are woven into personalised stories. Our aim is to present beautiful amalgamations of artworks, lights, furniture, sculptures and soft furnishings that reflect the unique personalities of each client. Through collaborating with multiple craftsmen, artists and designers, we are able to curate, conceptualise and create a diverse range of artworks.


We empower century old master craftsmanship techniques and fuse them with modern art, design, and technology. By curating and collaborating with artisans, craftsmen and designers, we aim to reinterpret history and culture with a modern contemporary dimension and enabling the customer to reflect their unique personalities through art and design.

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Client Stories

AMH takes the clients through the visual journey of specially curated interior styles, stitching together the multiple choices of design boards, colour palettes, material boards and unique accent pieces, helping clients to utilise their own creativity in conceptualising their own spaces. The studio is not limited to any material or concept, every project is personalised to clients needs. We take up projects from working drawings to final installations.

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Product Stories

AMH offers a bespoke space styling experience that is woven together with products like feature walls, art frames, furniture, and soft furnishing. We curate, compose and conceptualise to bring to you an amalgamation of authentic craftsmanship techniques.

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Our Stories

ArtMeetsHart (AMH) is an art design company that brings your personal brand, story, and style to life. We use art as a medium to transform any surface into a statement piece. By weaving heritage craftsmanship into modern design, we create distinctive and timeless home furnishings to make your space uniquely yours.

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AMH proudly participated in the Design Democracy event in collaboration

with Bodi, showcasing an exquisite collection of stunning micro mosaics,

feature walls, and meticulously handcrafted furniture.

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